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Full Wing Burners & Custom Fly Rods


Full Wing Burners

Full Wing Burners are manufactured with all precision stainless steel EDM cut patterns attached to stainless surgical clamps. The stainless clamps are specially made to accommodate the small patterns of some flies. Designed to closely imitate the size and silhouette shape of some aquatic insects. The entire wing is capable of being formed at one time along with a small tie down tab.

For Full Wing Burner Patterns (Click below)

Full Wing Burner Patten 1                          Full Wing Burner Patten 2



There are many great fly rod manufacturing companies that produce deeply rich transparent colored rods, and I find them to accept a modest design without overpowering their delicate beauty. The purpose of the art of wrapping is to compliment the looks of your rod. My primary concern when building a new blank is to ensure that the rod functions as the manufacturer intended. Particular attention is paid to the building of the blank, then to the inlay design. These designs work very well on non-glare fly rods also.