Custom Fly Rod Services

Embedded Flies

These are hand tied flies not decals. We use the same fly tying material as found on some Atlantic salmon flies.

We build our own wire hooks to contrast the color of the rods. The hook is adhered to the thread cover base wrap, and then the fly is wrapped as you would tie on your vice. The wing feathers and the beards are tied on one feather at a time. When the fly is finished, the entire fly is coated with rod building epoxy so the fly can-not be felt.

The art to the embedded fly is make them as thin as possible and try to keep them no thicker than the nickel silver winding check. No two flies will be identical.

Decorative 20” mark

The 20 inch mark is wrapped using the same thread as the rod. The center of the mark is usually small Jungle Cock eyes turned sideways. Jungle Cock eyes make a great color contrast to any rod.

Exotic Burl Grip

The Exotic Burl Wood that we use are each unique pieces of wood to make a one of a kind Cork Grip.