Full Wing Burners

The Full Wing Burners are manufactured with all precision stainless steel EDM cut patterns attached to stainless surgical clamps. The stainless clamps are specially made to accommodate the small patterns of some flies.

Designed to closely imitate the size and silhouette shape of some aquatic insects. The entire wing is capable of being formed at one time along with a small tie down tab. Most fly tying material can be cut or burned

Full Wing Burners are available in many more shapes and sizes than what are currently on the market.

Full Wing Burners have ergonomically angled pattern dies to allow easy access to all sides of the die.

The Full Wing Burner has a tension band to provide light squeezing pressure on the material. This allows the user to adjust any material to the correct position before clamping.

A major advantage of Full Wing Burners is that you are able to clamp and lock the wing material in place. The wing burner can be put down without the material shifting position. This clamping will also allow the user to cut the thicker material that is often used in the crafting of body shapes.

Patterns dies are epoxied to clamps as not to warp the tool by welding.
Do not use clamps as pliers or vice grips. Do not overheat pattern dies when burning any material. A cauterizing tool is available from Hairline Dubbin Inc., which works very well and does not overheat the smaller wing burner pattern dies.

Cork Fly Rod Grips


Our burl cork grips are manufactured using the finest available “flor” grade cork from Portugal. Flor grade is superior cork compared to the “A++” grade cork mostly found on factory handles, and is more costly. This Flor grade cork has far fewer checks and voids. Any large checks that do appear are filled and sanded.

Burl End Caps

The burl wood blanks that are used are not among the endangered wood species list. The burl end caps are turned to the same shape as the cork rings. The cork rings and burl rings are then epoxied together, hand turned, and sanded to achieve the familiar fly rod shape. Manufacturing this way insures that the handle a comfortable shape and the end caps do not look added on.

Burl Reel Seats

We match and turn the reel seat insert from the same block of burl wood as the end caps when possible. Burl woods are unique pieces of wood, so no two reel seats and caps will be identical. The burl wood used for the caps and the seats are sealed using a marine grade “Spar” urethane. This urethane has a high resistance to UV light and salt water. Both the caps and the reel seats are coated with four to five coats of urethane sanding between all coats.

Wine Cork Fighting Butts

A fighting butt can be built using your favorite wine cork. Fighting butts are capped on both ends with a rubberized cork and epoxied to the reel seat skeleton. Not all wine corks will work, but if your wine cork evenly swells enough when removed from the bottle it could possibly be used. Fighting butts can be made using traditional cork.